God’s Power for Salvation

God’s Power for Salvation


Gina Lynnes – Book

God can save anyone. This thrilling book leaves no doubt about it. Packed with scriptural teaching to build your faith, it proves that when it comes to saving lost souls, His power knows no bounds. “If you think God retired after the New Testament, read a few of these testimonies!” Jesse Duplantis.



Some people need a Damascus road experience—a supernatural manifestation of the Holy Spirit, a sign or a wonder like those in the book of Acts to bring them out of darkness and into the light. But do such things still happen today?

Absolutely. These thrilling stories prove it. Full of real-life testimonies told by those who have been dramatically saved, this book abounds with clear, scriptural promises that will inspire you to pray for lost loved ones with fresh fervor and faith.

It will reignite your confidence in God’s ability to apprehend even the most stubborn unbeliever. It will help keep you on your knees until the victory is won.


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