Gina Lynnes – 16 MP3 Messages

Prayer 1 – Daily in His Presence and Prayer 2 – Ready for the Battle in MP3 format. These MP3 files are on one CD and can be copied to your favorite MP3 player including Itunes.

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Listen to Prayer 1 & 2 Series (16 messages) on your favorite MP3 player. These messages come packaged on 1 CD and the files must then be copied to your MP3 player or Itunes.

Prayer Volume 1: Whether you’re just getting started in prayer, or you’re a seasoned believer seeking to deepen your relationship with the Lord, this series will open new doors of divine fellowship for you. The first of a two-part course on devotional prayer and intercession, Daily in His Presence not only provides a road map to God’s throne of grace, it makes the journey a total delight. More Info on Prayer 1 >

Prayer Volume 2: There is no victory without a fight…and the most powerful victories for the kingdom of God are fought and won on the battlefield of prayer. The second of a two-part course on devotional prayer and intercession, Ready for the Battle will help equip you with the scriptural weapons and spiritual strategies you need to put the devil on the run and bring God’s will to pass on earth as it is in heaven. More Info on Prayer 2 >

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