The Authority of the Believer

The Authority of the Believer


Kelly Lynnes – 8 CD

Seizing Heaven’s Power to Reign on Earth

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He gave the Church power and authority over the devil. Since then, the devil has worked tirelessly to keep the Church ignorant of that truth and powerless against him. Whether you’re a seasoned saint or a new believer, this 8 CD series will help you receive a working revelation of the authority you have in Christ and empower you to reign victorious over the circumstances in your life.


I give you authority…
When Jesus spoke those four simple words, they shook the kingdom of darkness to its core. They liberated the first disciples who heard them and sent shockwaves of freedom into the lives of all they were called to touch. The early Church acted on those words and exercised their authority with great boldness—healing the sick, casting out devils and raising the dead. But through the centuries their meaning has been obscured to the masses, veiled in the mask of religion leaving the Church powerless.

Today, however, God is restoring this revelation to the Church. A new breed of believer is emerging, wielding the sword of the Spirit in the power and authority that is rightfully theirs in Christ Jesus. This 8 CD series will stir you up to take your rightful place in Christ and empower you to reign in life as you learn:

1. Why there is so much suffering in the world and why a sovereign, loving God continues to permit it.
2. One thing that didn’t change for the devil when Jesus defeated him on the Cross and how it impacts our lives today.
3. Who your true enemy is, the strategies he promotes and how to defeat him with the God-given weapons that you possess in Christ.
4. That you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, what that means to your everyday life and how you can truly reign over your circumstances.

Included in this Series:
Introduction to Authority
The Creation and Fall of Man
Satan and His Kingdom
Dominion Restored to Man
Identification with Christ
Taking Your Place
The Weapons of Our Warfare
Exercising Our Authority


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