Complete Teaching Library – MP3

Complete Teaching Library – MP3


Kelly & Gina Lynnes – MP3

This is a collection of all 86 messages in our ministry library in MP3 format on a USB flash drive.

For Computers – Tablets – Smartphones.


On this USB drive you will find the following teachings in MP3 format:

The Authority of the Believer (8 Messages) by Kelly

Living the Life of Faith (8 Messages) by Kelly

Prayer 1 – Daily in His Presence (8 Messages) by Gina

Prayer 2 – Ready for the Battle (8 Messages) by Gina

Living in the Power of the Blood Covenant (8 Messages) by Gina

Christ the Healer (7 Messages) by Kelly

       Encounters With the Master – (5 Messages) – 3 by Kelly – 2 by Gina

Releasing Your Spirit (4 Messages) by Kelly

How to Receive From God (4 Messages) by Gina

The Wealth – The Walk – The Warfare (3 Messages) by Kelly

Breaking Through Impasse (2 Messages) by Kelly

Keys to Confidence in Prayer (2 Messages) by Gina

Facing Your Giants (2 Messages) by Gina

If Your Heart Does Not Condemn You (2 Messages) by Gina

Who Stole My Easy Button (2 Messages) by Gina

Prayer School & Other Single Messages (13) by Kelly & Gina

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