The Power of the Blood Covenant

The Power of the Blood Covenant


Gina Lynnes – 8 CD

If you’ve ever wished you could banish the nagging insecurities that hinder you and live with the confidence and strength of a true son of God, this series is for you. More than just a history lesson, this course on covenant reveals the single root of all that’s wrong in our lives and offers a remedy that will rock your world.


One problem. One solution.

What if life was really that simple? What if all the pain and fear, all the defeats and disappointments you’ve ever experienced could be traced back to one terrible source. And what if there was one divine remedy that could free you from them all?

Incredible as it may sound, that’s what the Bible teaches. It tells us that sin alone and the deadly shadow of unworthiness it casts over our souls is the single root of everything that’s wrong in our lives. It also teaches there is only one Light powerful enough to drive that shadow away: The Covenant Blood of Jesus. Every true believer cherishes that Blood. But few know how to live in the purity and victory it provides. And none of us have grasped the fullness of its power.

This series is designed to deepen your revelation of that power and guide you in the practical application of it. It will help you understand:

1. Why many believers find it difficult—sometimes even impossible—to receive God’s blessings even when they know without a doubt the Bible promises them.
2. How a deeper revelation of the Blood Covenant can remove those difficulties and transform the most timid believers into bold receivers to the glory of God.
3. What it really means to be robed in righteousness, and how that robe forever changes who you are, what you can achieve, and where you can go.
4. How the power of the Blood Covenant can banish your insecurities and free you to live with the confidence and strength of a true son of God.

Included in this Series:
Covenant: The Source of All Hope
The Covenant Sacrifice
The Power of the Blood
The Covenant Cut: Circumcision and the New Birth
Robed in Righteousness
The Weapons Exchange: Jesus Our Victory
The Powerful Name of Jesus
The Covenant Meal: A Sacrament of Separation


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