Prayer 2 – Ready for the Battle

Prayer 2 – Ready for the Battle


Gina Lynnes – 8 CD

The World-Changing Power of Spirit-Led Prayer

There is no victory without a fight…and the most powerful victories for the kingdom of God are fought and won on the battlefield of prayer. The second of a two-part course on devotional prayer and intercession, Ready for the Battle will help equip you with the scriptural weapons and spiritual strategies you need to put the devil on the run and bring God’s will to pass on earth as it is in heaven.


It is, without a doubt, one of the devil’s greatest achievements.

It is more deadly than terrorism; more insidious than moral corruption, and has cost the Church as a whole—and believers individually—countless victories for the kingdom of God. It is the lie that we are lovers…not fighters. That if we will simply be worshippers of God, we will not need to be warriors.

In recent years, that deception has depleted God’s mighty army of prayer. It has convinced potentially powerful believers to lay down the weapons of their warfare and live as spiritual pacifists, leaving the devil free to wreak havoc in their lives, their families, their churches and their nations.

But there is a divine rebellion brewing. The Spirit of God is awakening His people again to the fact that they were, indeed, born for battle. He is stirring within them a heavenly discontent and bringing them to their knees—not in despair but with a violent determination to take back the territory that belongs to them. This series is designed to fuel that divine uprising.

The second of a two-part series, and a sequel to Prayer 1: Daily in His Presence, this course will help you learn:
1. How to effectively use the sword of the Spirit to undercut the strategies of the devil and bring forth the will of God on earth.
2. How to release the power of intercessory prayer and win victories for those unable to fight for themselves.
3. How to “wrestle” the forces of darkness and effectively enforce their defeat while still living joyfully in the Light.
4. Why some battles take longer than others and how to persevere until you win every time.

Included in this Series:
All Dressed Up with Somewhere to Go
The Prayer of Supplication
The Prayer of Intercession, Part 1
The Prayer of Intercession, Part 2
The Power of Perseverance
Seven Elements of Intercession
Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Part 1
Understanding Spiritual Warfare, Part 2


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