Living the Life of Faith

Living the Life of Faith


Kelly Lynnes – 8 CD

Ever felt overwhelmed by the challenge of living by faith? Ever felt like the whole process is just too complicated to master? Take heart! This 8 CD series reveals the true simplicity of Bible faith—how to get it and how to release its mountain-moving power. Even if you’ve studied faith for years, it will inspire you and re-ignite within you a spirit of faith that will impact every area of your life.


All things are possible to those who believe.

That’s what the Bible says, but when your mountains seem immovable you may begin to wonder: Can I really develop the kind of faith that makes the impossible a reality in my life? Can I truly believe and master the storms of life like the heroes in the Bible did?

Yes, you can! This practical, 8 CD series will help you break out of cycles of defeat and step into a new season of your life by getting a grip on what Bible faith is, how to develop it and how to release it. You’ll be able to chart a new course for your personal life, your prayer life, your health and your finances as you learn:

1. How to turn future-tense hope into present-tense faith and possess the promises of God—NOW.
2. How to identify two common enemies to your faith that seem harmless but will stop your faith from working every time.
3. How to look past what your natural eyes can see with the spiritual vision that enables you to walk by faith and not by sight.
4. Five different ways you can release your faith and thwart the devil’s attacks on your life.

Included in this Series:

The Just Shall Live by Faith
Catching the Spirit of Faith
What Faith Is
How Faith Comes
Becoming Fully Persuaded
Seeing, Saying and Receiving
Acting on God’s Word
Putting the Devil on the Run


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