God’s Power for Children

God’s Power for Children


Gina Lynnes – Book

Releasing God’s Power in the Lives of Your Kids

“Melanie Hemry and Gina Lynnes have written a book for which every parental heart longs. God’s Power for Children is a sensitive, insightful, and encouraging word for moms and dads—a sharing of the difficulties faced by every parent and a reminder that God is with us and will continue to work through us…and in our children…no matter the challenge.” Marilyn Hickey



The devil is out to get our children. Most of us have already figured that out. What we need to know is how to keep them out of his hands.

Find out how other determined parents have done it. Discover the scriptural truths that inspired them and witness the miracles that happened in their children’s lives as they stepped out in faith on God’s Word.

Whether you’re struggling with barrenness, hoping to have a baby, needing healing for your child, or praying for a prodigal to come home, God’s Power for Children has a message of hope and faith for you.


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