God’s Power for Protection

God’s Power for Protection


Gina Lynnes – Book

Supernatural Security in Dangerous Times

Can we really trust God to keep us and our families safe from harm in even the most perilous situations? Yes we can…and these astonishing testimonies of God’s protective power complete with scriptural teaching to back them up prove it. Banish fear and learn to live in the Secret Place of the Most High. Discover for yourself the power of God’s anointing for protection.



God has the power to protect His people from danger. Daniel proved it in the lion’s den. Shadrach and his friends proved it in the fiery furnace. And Eloise Wright proved it in a Dallas parking lot when a kidnapper locked her at gunpoint in the trunk of her car.

Eloise’s astounding story along with the testimonies of other believers who faced hair-raising disasters in faith miraculously survived them unharmed are a thrilling reminder that the God of the Bible is still guarding His people today.

Find out how you can build your life on God’s promises of protection so that you too can live in supernatural security even in the most dangerous of times.


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