Kelly Lynnes

  • Kelly Lynnes - 1 CD There is power in corporate prayer. This message will encourage you to prayer with others. However praying in a small prayer group is different than praying on your own. You will learn basic principles of group prayer that help your to more effectively prayer with others. A very practical teaching that you can put to use in your next prayer meeting.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 1 CD Caleb received his promised land at the age of 85 because he had another spirit—a spirit of faith. Unlike the 10 spies that were moved by what they saw, Caleb was moved by the promise of God. This message will encourage you to rise up in faith and possess all that belongs to you through the redemptive work of Christ.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 2 CD What to do when you hit the wall. How do we get un-stuck when the devil has brought our God-ordained dreams to a standstill? This inspiring 2 CD series answers those questions and more. It will help you break through every impasse and get you moving on down the road of victory again!
  • Kelly Lynnes - 4 CD Discover & Develop the Real You Lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset, and run with patience the race that is set before you. That’s what the Bible commands—and, as believers, we want to obey. Yet many of us struggle to overcome the power of sin in our lives. This series will help you win the fight. It will show you how to gain consistent victory over sin and bring your flesh under control through the power of the cross so you can release your true potential to the glory of God.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 3 CD & MP3 A Study in the Book of Ephesians: 3 CD Series with printable Study Guides and MP3. In this series you will learn: The Wealth of who you are IN-CHRIST, how to Walk in the Spirit in your new identity IN-CHRIST, and the Warfare of the believer and how to stand against the wiles of the devil and come out on top every time.
  • Kelly & Gina Lynnes - 5 CD (with MP3) Experience life-changing encounters with the Master that will transform you into His image and equip you to be the world changer you were called to be.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 7 CD Jesus healed multitudes during His three year earthly ministry. But the greatest healing miracle He ever performed was on the Cross. There he not only took the punishment for your sins, but He also bore all of your sickness and disease. And what He bore for you, you no longer need to bear.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 8 CD Seizing Heaven’s Power to Reign on Earth Before Jesus ascended to heaven, He gave the Church power and authority over the devil. Since then, the devil has worked tirelessly to keep the Church ignorant of that truth and powerless against him. Whether you’re a seasoned saint or a new believer, this 8 CD series will help you receive a working revelation of the authority you have in Christ and empower you to reign victorious over the circumstances in your life.
  • Kelly Lynnes - 8 CD Ever felt overwhelmed by the challenge of living by faith? Ever felt like the whole process is just too complicated to master? Take heart! This 8 CD series reveals the true simplicity of Bible faith—how to get it and how to release its mountain-moving power. Even if you’ve studied faith for years, it will inspire you and re-ignite within you a spirit of faith that will impact every area of your life.
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