If Your Heart Does Not Condemn You

If Your Heart Does Not Condemn You


Gina Lynnes – 2 CD

Looking with Confidence into the Eyes of Love

A divine spark of dominion smolders in the heart of every believer reminding us that we were created not to be slaves but masters in every area of life. This two-CD series will fan that flame.


The moment of truth. It is the moment when every shred of natural evidence indicates that our prayers have not been answered. It is the moment when hope seems gone and victory lost. At those times we must have more than simple faith in God.

If we are to keep believing despite all apparent contradictions, we must also have faith toward God. We must have confidence that He will do for us—as a personal favor—whatever we ask of Him.

We must be able to stand as sons before Him with no sense of insecurity or condemnation and say, “I know that You hear and answer me because I keep Your Word and do those things that are pleasing in Your sight.” Discover the boldness that belongs to every born again believer and learn to look with confidence into the eyes of Love.


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