I am, for the most part, allergic to success books. Whenever someone tells me to define my long-term goals or make a 5-year plan, I get hives and start to scratch myself. That’s because decades ago, back when I was the lord of me instead of Jesus, I wrecked my life (and some other people’s too) making my own plans and pursing my own goals.

Been there, done that, don’t want to go back, thank you.

Recently, however, strolling through Barnes and Noble on the way to the Christian Inspiration section I stumbled across a book of success principles that said something I really liked. It recommended that when you step out to pursue a goal and you encounter a roadblock that forces you onto a different path than the one you planned to take, lean into that new path and it will ultimately take you where you want to go—or even someplace better.

I liked that because for those of us who have put our lives in the hands of God it is the absolute happy truth. And it’s a truth I sometimes forget.

How often do I pray, “Lord, direct my steps! Open the path before me. Make a way!” Then look around at the only path that seems to be open and hit my knees again in a panic. “Lord, that’s not the right path! That one won’t take me where I want to go. Open up another one, pleeeeze!”

But this success book (of all things!) reminded me there is no need to panic. God is not indifferent to my dreams. He has promised repeatedly to grant my heart’s desires (Ps. 37:4-5; 107:9; 145:19; Prov. 10:24). Perfect as He is in all His ways, He knows far better than I the path that will fulfill my highest hopes. As long as I am walking with Him, I can embrace every road with gladness and explore every path with faith, confident He is taking me where my heart longs to go.

What fun it is to live life with Jesus…leaning in!