Cool thing happened yesterday. A pastor friend of mine in Pennsylvania bumped into a woman in the locker room at her gym who was reading my book, God’s Power for Healing. Turns out, the lady needs healing for her son and the book is blessing her. My friend struck up a conversation and, long story short, the lady wants to attend the Bible study at my friend’s church.

In her email about it, my friend also told me that another woman in her church who was diagnosed with an aggressive and deadly form of cancer last year has been using the book as a faith guide to get her through in victory. She is doing so well the doctors are amazed.

Those reports were a special delight to me because recently I began to wonder if the books, now that they’ve been in print for a couple of years, were still bearing fruit. I hadn’t heard much about them for a while and I was toying with the idea of getting discouraged about it.

Since the Lord is not a fan of discouragement (for further info see: Israelites; wilderness complaints; 40 years of wandering; carcasses strewn in the desert) He helped me out by reminding me of an unlikely verse in Genesis 24: And Isaac went out to meditate in the field in the evening; and he lifted his eyes and looked… (v. 63)

With no clue how He’d segued from my books to Isaac’s field, I pondered the possible connection. Then I saw it. The field Isaac meditated in was a cultivated field, a place where he had planted crops. It represented his work. My books are my work. They are a field, of sorts, that I have cultivated.

What I need to do, instead of getting discouraged, is follow Issac’s example: go out into my fields every day, look across them with the eye of faith and meditate on God’s promise to bless them. Instead of wondering about them, I need to say what God has said about them and thank Him for an abundant harvest.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. And though I’m thrilled to hear about the lady in the locker room (who, by the way, can’t remember for the life of her how she got hold of my book) and the cancer-conquering church member, I’m not surprised. I believe that kind of thing happens all the time in my field. It’s blessed!