Last night the coach of the Boston Celtics preached a great message. (Too bad his team didn’t listen.) He said, “Guys, trust! If you trust, you’ll play free. And if you play free, you can’t be beaten.”

Whoa…good stuff, Doc. Not just for NBA players but for those of us who have suited up in righteousness and are leaving it all on the court for Jesus. For us, as for Garnett and gang, trust is the key. As long as we trust Jesus—His love and commitment to us, His power working in and through us—we can play free. We can have the time of our lives and walk off the court as champions when the game is over.

Sure, we’ll miss some shots now and then. We’ll get blocked by a few 7 foot demons waving their hands in our face and end up tossing a few air balls. But so what? Our Father owns the league. As long as we keep playing and trusting, we win.

The t-shirts were printed before the foundation of the world. More Than Conquerors, they say.

So stop sweating it and start trusting. Play free. And enjoy the game.