The mouth of the righteous is a well of life… (Proverbs 10:11)

Spoken words of love, faith, gratitude, and encouragement cause the garden of our lives to flourish. Leaving them unspoken deadens it with drought.

What would happen if every day, on purpose, we drew from our well and drenched our whole world with life-giving words? How would the landscape of our lives be changed if day after day we made it a priority to water the people around us–especially those with wilted leaves and drooping countenance–by showering them with refreshing words of grace?

The Lord will help us do it if we’ll ask Him. He’ll show show us who to water and what to say. He even promised that, in return, He’d give us a reward (Matt. 10:42).

Take Him up on on that promise. Pick up your watering can in the next few days and give some thirsty souls a drink. Then log back on and leave a comment. Share your experience. Inspire us all. We’d love to hear from you.